Srinivasan Krishnatray

Owner of the ship, mechanic, and face of the crew.


Won the Pictoris, a Free Merchant class ship, in a card game. Quickly assembled the least expensive crew that was available at a moment’s notice. Now he acts as owner/captain of the ship, will gather jobs as the face of this small enterprise, and can jump in as mechanic for normal postech devices (luckily the pilot Ardalia is a skilled astrotech mechanic, too). “Krish” is not a man of violence or of accounting – hopefully the ship’s purser and “man for when things get rough” Merrak will take care of both “accounts”. Shortly after winning the ship at a fair and gentlemanly game of chance, some people – sore losers probably – tried the physical way of re-negotiating the winning hand. This led to some injuries on the part of the newly hired crew. Fortunately Ben Holiday a gifted (in more than one sense) physician stepped in and took care of the injured – leading to getting himself hired as ship’s physician.

All this happened just a few hours ago. As the newly recruited crewmembers settle in on board of their new home in space, there are a few things remaining to negotiate. The first of which is, how many shares will everyone get from the profits of the ships operations?

And then, of course, finding a job, doing it, getting paid, all the while staying alive and keep flying.

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Srinivasan Krishnatray

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