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A wonderful and immense engine


Dinas Delta Sector

In the 33rd century, mankind has finally rebuilt their culture and technology and once again is moving out into space. Earth is a long lost memory, and the universe is a brand new frontier. You will play the Owners/Crew of the Starship Iron Horse, travelling the space lanes taking jobs as they come. You got bills to pay and it is cold out there in the black.

Among the cluster of stars adventure awaits. The corporations of Halia have extended their influence to the edges of the cluster and beyond. Opportunity and wealth await, provided you are willing to sacrifice your morality.

Important Setting…Things?

Player Characters

Ben Holiday
Srinivasan Krishnatray

The Pictoris

Haritzeder Riogas
Siki Sharp

Checa Organization
Al-yaldai Clan
Equihua Organization
Papakostas Corporation
Stea Combine
Vasdeki Zaibatsu
Guo Yin Alliance
Glinka Organization

Star Systems
306 Hrefna Halia, Amuna
207 Kitu Sunita
307 Unn Asir, Hafeez
305 Simopoulos Poonam
107 RaginhildDiego

Job Markets

Daybreak Society

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