Atmosphere Corrosive and invasive atmosphere
Temperature Warm
Biosphere Immiscible biosphere
Population Millions of inhabitants
Tech Level Tech Level 4. Baseline postech.
Tag: Hatred, Radioactive World

Sunita was a beautiful world, filled with life and a people who lived in peace and prosperity. Until their neighbors from the Hrefna system found many resources in the outer system. They began mining and shipping. When an asteroid or mining machine became unprofitable they were dropped on the planet as a way of removing the useless material from the system.

Now Sunita is a radiated junkyard of a planet. They hate almost every offworlder, due to the disrespect they have been given by the rest of the sector. There are great orbital refineries and shipyards. Halia tends to hire locals to work the mines and factories, and so the system has a much higher tech level than it should have on its own.

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